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TECNIRUTA, founded in 1974, is a company dedicated to the transportation of chemical products in bulk. 

For this purpose, our company has specialised in multimodal transportation services, thus being able to offer our customers transportation by road, railway, sea or any combination of them

From the beginning, our company has been meeting their initial objectives: to offer our customers the best solution for each type of service as well as safe, cost-effective, fast and efficient transportation. 

Every time there is a transportation request, our CUSTOM-DESIGNED SERVICES for each customer focus both on the product to transport and on the type of service to perform, with the aim of choosing the best means of transportation. 

The choice shall be determined by: 

• Dangerousness of product
• Minimisation of risks 

We count on highly qualified personnel, with a great deal of experience in the transportation of dangerous goods, as well as the study and carrying out of the transportation, thereby ensuring quality service to our customers, which include among them, large multinationals of the sector that have their confidence in us. 

Due to our company’s professionalism and specialisation, we have been in charge of important fleets of tank containers belonging to our customers, who rely on our services to optimise their transportation, delivery times and use of their equipment. 

We are located in Santurce (Vizcaya), Barcelona and Huelva.

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