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Our company mainly performs its transportation services in tank containers, which offer more advantages than traditional road transportation.

Tank containers have the advantage of MULTIMODALITY or combination of different means of transportation within the same container, without product handling. Thus, your goods will easily reach any destination in the world, no matter how far away it is.

As it is possible to combine different means of transportation, we can offer a second advantage in long-distance services: price.

The most important aspect of container use is safety. We only use road transportation (statistically, the most dangerous regarding accident rate) in short pick-up or delivery trips, using railroad or sea transportation for long distances.

Wide range of tank containers for all types of chemical products.

We transport chemical products door to door, ADR (Classes 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9) as well as non-ADR.

We study the best route for each service, applying Intermodal transportation synergies (Road, Railroad, Sea).

We have the capacity to offer a fast and flexible response in case of urgent or unforeseen requests.

We also transport our customers’ containers and rent containers to our customers. 

All our services are the result of the experience accumulated by a young, dynamic team, and their effort to make your transportation simpler, safer and more efficient. 

Above all, we are a team of experts at your disposal. 

Our experience makes it possible to ensure we meet delivery times previously agreed upon, conveniently changing the means of transportation when circumstances so require, thus offering a completely reliable service. Your products will be under the constant control of our professional team, who will coordinate the door-to-door transportation and will be able to provide information about your products at all times.

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